Theoretical research is a sine qua non in the art of urbanism. The gigantic scale and impact of the urbanistic practice makes the art of urbanistic research invaluable for the future and a patrimony equally valuable as the built patrimony.

Working Atlas of Urban Facilities Nai

Housing, life itself as generator of the city, lies at the basis of the research called the Unadapted City. Its methodology is to start from the anonymous number with the aim to arrive at spaces for the urban equipment, diversified as to form, interpretation and scale.

Halfweg surface arrangement

Urban facilities design is the pre-eminent program for creating a social democratic cultural heritage. The Unadapted City wants to create general luxury housing by defining a multifunctional framework where the desires of urban living and comfort are highly satisfied by luxury through ideas and spatiality : space-park / park-space.

Model Brikabrak

The Unadapted City aims at de-fragmentation of urban space and believes in the makability of the city's large scale. If a global orientation or communication system is feasible, then so is a general urban organization or concept.

Model Dinkytown plan

Model Dinkytown

Model Octopus

The Unadapted City fits in the by Luc Deleu developed idea of Orbanism, that stands for solidarity and the creation of balance, as opposed to merchandized globalization, that stands for capitalism and the confirmation of unbalance.


  to be continued ...