The Unadapted City fits in the by Luc Deleu developed idea of Orbanism, that stands for solidarity and the creation of balance, as opposed to merchandized globalization, that stands for capitalism and the confirmation of unbalance.


Vipcity, today still in progress, already reaches the scale of a regional town (fifth level). It is the next consequent step in the study of the Unadapted City, that is developed from small to large in order to understand the complexity of the urban equipment little by little. Feedback from large to small is scheduled in the future. This model of a town for 76.000 inhabitants in its turn integrates Octopus. Here the housing for the additional 38.000 inhabitants is organized in freestanding villas on maximal 15.140 (= 38.000 inhabitants : 2,51 inhabitants - the family size usually applied in the unadapted city) individual lots, located around Octopus, in a rectangle in the divine proportion.
An orbanistic scale study was done for the maximal lot dimensions, defined on basis of the available land and the number of people on earth.
The total land surface on earth, 149.664.000 sq km, divided by 6.093.888.813, the number of people on earth (12/10/1999 -, results in 0,02456 sq km, the land surface per earthling, of which only 17,41 % is building land, or 0,004276 sq km per mortal. This surface was again split up on basis of the divine proportion, the smallest part being allocated to industry and transport and the largest part, 0,002643 sq km (= 0,004276 sq km x 0,618) to housing, still including amenities, parking and access. A decent lot, including equipment, parking and access, can then be maximum 0,006633 sq km (= 0,002643 sq km x 2,51 inhabitants). After design- and graphic manipulations, this finally resulted in net lots of 0,005787 sq km. The total area of Vipcity now measures 119,854 sq km. Within this surface, a population of 76.000 people lives now, half of them on a maximum lot, with an average density of 6,34 inhabitants/sq km (= 76.000 inhabitants : 119,854 sq km) !
In this layout we can start making a master plan, one or more arrangements and one or more spatial systems
Our aim with Vipcity is to arrive at a perfect interaction between arrangement and master plan and to become masters in adequate design for such complex programs.
At present, the arrangement's score is being elaborated, now enormous care is devoted to the visual aspect of the score itself, in order to make it an autonomous (art) work.